Casper Mattress Black Friday Deals 2016!


Casper, a popular online mattress shop, should be having a Black Friday sale during Black Friday on their mattresses.  Although there’s no announcement yet (but we will update you), you should be able to get some Casper mattresses for slight discount during Black Friday 2016.

For those of you who don’t know about Casper mattresses, they sell hybrid latex/memory foam mattresses that may cater to those who want the features of memory foam yet they want the natural latex feel on top.  Unlike standard memory foam mattresses, Casper mattresses feature latex half on top with memory foam on botttom that results in memory-foam like comfort without your body in contact with the memory foam(instead latex), which results in no increase of body temperatures.

FYI, standard memory foam mattresses increase your body temperature by about 2-5 degrees fahrenheit due to the nature of memory foam and this can be very uncomfortable if you live in hot climate areas like Florida.  On the other hand, memory foam may be excellent for warming up your bed if you live in colder climate areas like Lake Tahoe or by the sea.  Personally, I use memory foam mattress here in San Francisco but I live about 5 minutes from the ocean and the weather is always 65-degrees all year.  Thus, memory foam works out really well but if hot temperature is of concern, your best best is to go with a mattress like Casper that offers memory foam features without the heat.

We should have an update for all Casper mattress deals for Black Friday 2016 so check back and bookmark out site so you get ALL the deals!

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